January 28, 2009

What a month

Worked 40 hours the weekend of 1/16-18 and then half a day on MLK even though the rest of my dept was off for the day. Then worked 24 hours on 1/20, and 12 more on 1/21 before finding out that my grandfather had passed away. My supervisor kindly stepped in to finish the upgrade that was going on (seperate from the weekend's work) and let me come home to be with family. During all this time I was having a flare up of a medical condition that I have and on the day I planned to return to Wisc, I took a turn for the worse and ended up going to the local hospital and getting admitted. Two days and 5 units of blood later, I'm feeling a lot better and the flare up's seem to have been stopped by some of the meds I was put on. Oh yeah, and I'm not <2 days away from death anymore like I was Monday. Woot meds! Going to take another day or two here to a) continue to be with family and b) make sure the flare ups don't come back, before I head back home. Gah, what a couple of weeks it has been.

On the upside (depending on your pov), having time to surf while laid up, I fell upon this picture from AoC and have decided that I need to get some time in on that this weekend. I am in the mood for spilling blood that isn't my own. Also, Jack Lalane juicer commercials are on some cable channel in N. Iowa just about every hour of the day.

January 5, 2009

Quick update

Been hitting SWG's Shadowfire pretty hard over break. Last half of Dec = nothin but stress, Jan looks to continue. Will update more later this week. Need to get back into AoC. Linky to SWG screenshots.