October 30, 2008

Age of Conan

So all those concerns about Age of Conan not playing on my shuttle pc because a)it has an ATI X800XL (not exactly the latest and greatest) and b) DirectX thinks my card has no video ram (corroborated by EQ2 and SWG being kind of doggish). Oh yeah, and it's got a P4 (dual core but not a core 2 duo like the pimps have). Well, all those concerns were for naught, at least so far. Only have about 45 minutes in but it was smooth enough I didn't think about it. Not bad for 1680x1050 on a 4gen? old card. Guess I'll have to start taking screen shots to compare to people who are actually able to run it in high-res, and find out how to tell how many fps I'm getting. 

On a side note, Conan the Destroyer Collectors Edition doesn't scale up to 1080p like most dvds do. Don't recall having this problem last night w/ the Barbarian. Maybe it will just be the intro part. Laters.


  1. Greets
    Caught your post in a Google Alert I am running.
    I am quite interested in the pics on the low end system for AoC.
    I run a blog about MMO's in general at
    AoC has been my focus, but I am taking a break for a bit.
    I still am following it's development as it continues to be patched though, so by all means, please visit, and keep us updated on how progress is going with AoC.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! My first non-gold spam visitor. Took a look at your blog today and it's going to be on my list from now on. I recognize your name from West Karana, not sure why I hadn't clicked on you prior. Also, do you have RSS/Atom feeds on your site? Trying to fill up my Google Reader w/ good sites. Thanks again for stopping by. I'll try to make it worth your while to come back (starting with "if you haven't heard of the Hyborian Herald, google it or goto Virgin Worlds").