December 13, 2008

So far this weekend

Space PVP on Valcyn last night. Macbook Pro is really having issues running SWG since Ch11 came out, though I don't know if it's linked to that or not. An event of 3 15 minute rounds took 2.5 hours. Hrm, not a big fan of that.

Today I slept late, then ran errands, so I didn't get into AoC until 6pm or so. Hit level 23, ended up grouping with a guy I helped fight off attacking Vanir. We finished one of my quests, he shared one with me, we grouped with a level 33 guy to finish the shared, and along the way I got both 1/2 way to level 24 and 3/4 of several other quests I had. Should be able to solo those.

Along the way, I noticed that my shuttle pc is now showing video ram in dxdiag, which means SWG will let me play in a windowed mode. The shuttle is 3 years older than the MBP, has a prev gen vid card (X800XT vs MBP's X1600), and is using the same wireless mouse (I take it back and forth). Lag is not showing like it does on the MBP, although I'm still not impressed with SWG's performance on a machine that was built to play games 2.5 years after SWG was released.

Will start resizing screenshots for upload to Flickr and will update again tomorrow. Also, I added AoC friend Zangra's flickr photostream to my links.

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