May 13, 2009

New pc impressions

Haven't been into SWG in awhile. Sadly my new system gets roughly the same performance as the old one. Way to go SOE! AoC has shown noticeable improvement, a quick test of Vanguard shows better but not good performance. Did have an issue where my CPU utilization was pegged at 80% by Deferred Procedure Calls. Disabling sleep mode seems to have resolved that but it's kind of unconfirmed, wait and see on whether o rnot that is what did it.

Free Realms. Apparently, Station Pass gets you membership automatically. Haven't leveled any of my 4 professions beyond level 1 yet, we'll see if I do.

Somehow, I've managed to take up 200gb already. I guess between AoC, SWG, EQ2, Vanguard, Runes of Magic, LotRO (gonna give it a brief try but not sub), that's a fair amount of space. I also went on a podcast downloading rampage (although that only amounts to 12gb).

Alright, it's too late to add anything of real substance. Have a good week.

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