November 12, 2008

Happy to be /stuck with you (and holiday talk)

Last night, ran around with Mr. Bubble just outside the walls of Tortage, trying to complete "A Brother's Vengeance." We were 2 level 8 (and then 9) fools getting schooled by Picts. We're both Barbarians, so no heals = either quick win or certain death, especially if a 3rd Pict happens upon our battle. We finally made it near the quest goal Pict, tried to be clever and sneak around to the side, and we both got stuck between the rock ledge and a tree. /stuck never worked. For awhile I was able to loot some enemies, which was weird considering I was clicking on a Pict that was just out of range of hating me, clicking combos, and hoping he would come at me. The combo click seemed to loot something from somewhere. Unfortunately they were all loot pieces that were orange to me. Will probably give it a try again tonight. "Tune in tonight at 8EST to Beavis and Butthead in Tortage." Fools we are.

*Update* R2D2 we wish you a merry Christmas. Thank Yoda for Holiday Extravaganza episodes of YaMB. It's cold here in Wisc, but no snow that will stick yet. It's not even Thanksgiving and I'm jonesing for Christmas. Or maybe just snow and a holiday (come on Turkey day, hurry up and get here). Also, regarding snow, today is Snow Plow Driver Appreciation Day in Wisc, so of course it's raining.

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