November 11, 2008

Q:Why do you think I'm building this dam? A:Because you don't know that lava beats bricks.

That quest dude outside tortage is great but he needs to realize that Lava wins. That's how it rolls. Continued on with my new toon on Hyboria (female Cimmerian barbarian, woot!) and grouped up with a buddy for some levelling goodness. Ran some random quests, killed lots of crocs, panthers, and picts. Good times. Love the dual wielding. Didn't realize I could sell looted crap to anyone I can buy stuff from, good call B. Gonna do my best to hit 20 and escape Tortage by next week. Not sure my buddy will have time to group and level that much.

Going to try to figure out the deal with the Underhalls and maybe try doing White Sands as Epic. FTW. Anyways, that's all for now.

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