November 25, 2008

Latest randomness

So I'm away from Age of Conan for a week. Kind of nice but I didn't get a chance to upload any screenshots before I left home. Hoping to be back on Sat and maybe I'll do it then.

I finally hit 20, got a big ol' battle axe. Figured out that mentoring in Tortage is pretty much useless for the lower level folks. I'll need to spend my next first moments of AoC retooling my toolbars to take advantage of new combos and such.

And on a completely unrelated note, I've found a new tv show to captivate me (I need to take a break from Firefly, having seen each episode prolly 100 times, though not recently, per aforementioned break). NCIS. Caught 3 episodes last Sat on USA. Good stories, good characters, good writing, and it actually makes me laugh. Been awhile. Besides The Office, I only really follow Rescue Me which won't re-air till Jan or Feb. Tonight is a new episode from season 6 on CBS, tomorrow is a marathon on USA.

And on a "podcasts I listen to" note, where the heck is Hyborian Herald #13? I'm jonesing pretty badly. I guess YaMB are recording 101 tonight. Considering how non-plussed I am about Hoth (granted I haven't been there but I have a 90 ent and a 14 smuggler, and you need 4 people to go to Hoth), I'll be interested to see what they have to say on the state of the game.

And on a pizza note, at some point I'll upload pictures of my double decker pizza from my phone and put it up for y'all to see. In the meantime, enjoy your turkey day if you celebrate it (and why would you turn down a chance to eat turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, do you hate all that is right and good in this world?).


  1. Congrats on level 20. I am going to work on getting my new TOS out of Tortage so I can run with you when you need a healer.

    Nice to here you are a Firefly fan. Whedon is a god and I bask in all of his creations --see --. Office ftw as well. One show that is growing on me is Big Bang Theory. At first I was a turned off with the geek stereotyping (me being one and all) but I had to watch after I saw them playing Age of Conan in one of the episodes.

  2. and why would you turn down a chance to eat turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and gravy,

    Always makes me sick for some reason...weird.

    I ate home made Chinese that I whipped up for myself and the wife...

    Glad to hear Age of Conan is still rocking. I keep thinking of going back sometimes....just...sometimes..