February 10, 2009

$760 of Fail

$760 is roughly how much it would cost if one subscribed to your average $14.95/month MMO in Jan of '04, couldn't get more than 3 fps, quit playing, forgot to unsubscribe, and had a debit card that happened to be good several years out.

So I ran home at lunch and logged into my original SWG account, from the Collector's Edition (Box of Tears) and checked out whether or not I would have rewards to claim during the 4 remaining free days. Turns out, I was eligible for the 51 month vet (and all prior), after of course getting prompted to convert my character from pre-cu type to an NGE profession. I was apparently a crafter back in the day, judging by the clothes and tools. Had my fruit, which I've never seen before. And ironically one of my 3 characters was on Valcyn, years before YaMB would podcast and I would know about them. I have 2 other characters on that account, at least 1 of which is eligible for CTS. Mooftak Jones is going to get an arse load of reward items for his house in Yamborra tonight.

*UPDATE* Waypoint: 5805, -4457 Dantooine (Shadowfire)

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