February 9, 2009

It's Monday

Only got about an hour of social SWG in this weekend, with several additional hours of AFK while I caught up on sleep on the couch. Had a good weekend with my buds, but it seems like I can always use some additional time off.

As part of my re-upping Station Pass, I did get Vanguard downloaded but never launched. To be honest, besides the fact that I'm a forum addict with poor impulse control, I also listened to the newest EQ-IQ podcast prior to resubbing. Been listening to older YaMB's where they discuss EQ2 and Vanguard, which didn't hurt (fanboy alert!). I would like to get that EQ2 bear pet but the closest BestBuy with a physical copy of the EQ2 Box is in Janesville.

The plan for evenings this week is to get my mmo on. Looks like Kernel had put enough maintenance into harvesters that they haven't all been destroyed yet. It would be nice to get him to level 35 this week. For Mooftak, I'd like to do between 5 and 10 terminal missions per day. Surely that would work out to a decent bit of levelling. I should start a contest as to how long it will take me to get Mooftak to level 90 (or even 60). At this pace, it'll be another year. Gotta remember that it took me 10 months to level Valcyn.Skootalbaht to 90 and he was an entertainer. Would like to explore a little in Vanguard as well and see what performance is like on the shuttle (it was crap on the Macbook Pro, but then again, SWG had a problem too).

On an unrelated note, keep an eye on YaMB (twitter) because episode 105 might be out this week (it's apparently recorded but not edited). Maybe it'll be out in time for me to listen to on my trip back to Iowa Thursday night.

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