February 2, 2009

Weekend gaming (to steal a post title from every other blog out there)

Played Age of Conan for a couple hours this Saturday after transferring Amandara on Friday from Bloodspire to Cimmeria. Woke up in whatever area that is they drop you off in post transfer and just started doing new quests and exploration from there. At some point I'll need to return to Conarch's Valley to turn in some quests. For now I'm having fun running around harvesting and getting 5-8 fresh kills (I can't believe I keep getting owned by level 29 pigs). Still loving the barbarian class, as I was "ambushed" by 2 similar level people and was able to take them out without too much worry. Enough concern to enjoy the fight, not quite enough to stress out about it. Loving the graphics in the game still, as well as the exploration aspect. It really feels like I'm exploring.

At some point I need to play some more SWG and get Mooftak leveled a little more. I think I'm ready to do the Darklighter's cave quest. I think that would be a good way to start a couple hours of play due to the time limit and focus of "what needs to be done". I also realized this morning that all of Kernel's harvesters are no doubt destroyed due to my being sucked out of games for nearly 3 weeks now. I don't regret the loss of harvesters, just the resources that would have been in them.

Santa's pool league tonight, so unsure if I'll actually be able to play at all. Ironically we never play pool. Which was the reason I "joined" in the first place. Life sure is funny.

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