February 6, 2009


Why is it that in the morning when I'm at work, I'm all about wishing I could play my MMO's, but when I get off work, I can't summon the motivation to push "Launch"? This weekend isn't going to be very good either, at least until Sunday afternoon. On the plus side, I have friends coming to town. On the down side, I've been too lazy to clean so I can't even get an hour or two in before they get to town. Might have to spend my lunch break cleaning to give myself an extra half hour this evening.

Also, I suffer such a weakness for reading about games that I re-upped my Station Pass so I can check out Vanguard on my Shuttle and maybe even give EQ2 another shot. We'll see how that works out. Don't plan on changing from AoC to VG, and I still need to get back to levelling my SWG Commando and Trader on Shadowfire. Just have a desire to play Vanguard.

Regarding SWG, here's hoping there's a YaMB party this weekend. Mooftak Jones wants to dance. And check out Ewok Love. Any SWG'ers out there feel like taking 15-30 minutes to help me understand piloting a little more?

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