February 13, 2009

Random thoughts

The Vista commercial with the little girl and the picture is a good ad IMO.

Dollhouse....after 45 minutes, undecided. Eliza's doing an ok acting job. Not sure the storyline is anything I really care about, even with Joss. And for some reason, they can't settle on a certain volume level. Speech volume keeps varying, although I suppose it's the tv I'm watching on.

On the MacBook Pro, using the touchpad. Frustrated because Apple decided to make it ultra sensitive to where I place my hands and it keeps scrolling while I type.

Didn't make it through Episode 5 of the ESB radio drama as I was in more of a music mood while driving. In addition to being way to0 tired, despite 2 large Monster Energy drinks.

Last night's "The Office" is pretty good 10 minutes in. Yay Hulu. And then it got to one of those "uncomfortable" scenes that it is famous for. Ouchies.

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