February 11, 2009

Recent Realization of Play Styles

While explaining my enjoyment in SWG vs enjoyment in AoC to people, I just realized that when I play Age of Conan, I play it sandbox style. Project Uncle Crom if you will (google project uncle owen). When I play, it is without concern for leveling, even though I do want to someday see the dungeons they have put in for mid-level and up (and experience the group play). I mainly enjoy sneaking around the wilderness (have a distaste for the towns), mining/harvesting, and occasionally sneaking past higher level wildlife. And occasional PVP is an added bonus. Somehow I've mostly been attacked by other players who are near my level, so I stand a fighting chance.

Regarding Mooftak's house of fail, everything but the fruit has been dropped off. Realized Mooftak needs to do the housing collection so that I can really decorate. Not really in the mood to do that right now, so I guess I'll try to complete the collections this weekend if I have any time at all, and decorate early next week. Until then, the house is on the eastern end of Yamborra, on Dantooine in the Shadowfire galaxy. See SWGPodcast for a waypoint to the town. *UPDATE* Waypoint: 5805, -4457 Dantooine (Shadowfire)

Somewhat disappointed in the Shadowfire forums as far as social-ness goes. Trying to get daily "Good morning Shadowfire" threads going but they go cold pretty fast. I'll keep on trying. That's about it for my random thoughts at the moment. Have a good one y'all.

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